Money Tips

Stop Rushing To Buy Things

How to save your money by delaying purchases.

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Money Tips

The Only Reason You Should Save

Are you ready for life’s unexpected moments?

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Money Tips

You Can’t Trust Self-Control With Your Money

Save yourself from going broke with ALAT’s spending limit feature.

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How To Earn 10% Interest On Your Savings

Everything you need to know about our goal savings feature.

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See Photos From The Moremi + Jaja Halls Week At UNILAG

We’re rocking UNILAG till Friday, July 7th.

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Money Tips

Budgeting Can Save Your Life

How to spend money with sense and avoid getting broke before payday.

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ALAT Unboxing

See Photos From The ALAT Unboxing

On May 2, Wema Bank took the first big step in the evolution of Nigerian banking culture with the launch of ALAT

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Money Tips

You Need An Emergency Fund

Every adult should have backup cash.

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