Weekend Agenda: Discounts, New Movies And The Story Of Lagos

Places to go, deals to enjoy and things to do over the next couple of days.

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New On ALAT: Loans On Goals, Reward For Two And More

Your bank has gotten better.

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How To Start Your Rotating Savings Group

Use the power of community to save more money.

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How To Raise Money With Your Friends On ALAT

Meet Group Savings, the quickest way to raise money on ALAT.

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New On ALAT: Save With People, Reach Goals Faster

Try out the smart Group Savings feature.

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New On ALAT: Loans, Virtual Dollar Card And More

ALAT 2.4 has arrived.

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Future of banking is not bitcoin

What Is The Future Of Banking?

It’s not about bitcoin, that’s for sure.

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How To Manage Your Money With ALAT

Three tips for improving your finances.

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How To Grow Your Small Change Into Big Savings

A quick guide to saving with ALAT Stash.

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The Next Chapter: This Is ALAT 2.0

There’s a new ALAT in town.

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