What does the Goals feature do?

The Goals feature helps you set and meet a savings target based on a saving schedule you set. Schedules can be daily, weekly or monthly.

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How do I create a savings goal?

Click GoalsĀ then click New Goal. Name your goal. Pick the goal type (flexi or fixed). Set the amount of money you want to save. Set the target date for achieving the goal. Set the date to begin saving. Pick your saving frequency (daily, weekly or monthly). Pick the account money will be saved from. Click…

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Can I delete a goal?

Yes, but if you delete a goal before it is completed, you will lose all the interest you have earned and accrued.

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What’s the difference between interest earned and interest accrued?

Interest earned is the interest paid on your savings at the end of the month. Interest accrued is the daily interest accumulated on your savings which is paid out at the end of the month.

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Is there a penalty for withdrawing my savings before I reach my goal?

Yes, you will forfeit all interest earned and accrued.

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What is the difference between a Fixed goal and a Flexi goal?

A Fixed goal helps you save toward a target amount of money daily, weekly or monthly. You choose your target amount, the target date and the date to start saving, and the app will work out how much you need to save periodically. You cannot withdraw from a Fixed goal until the goal is met….

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How does the Stash feature work?

Stash is a way to earn 10% interest on your savings without a limit on your withdrawals, a target amount to save or a time limit. Once you’ve created a Stash, you can add any amount of money to it whenever. To earn interest on stashed money, you can only withdraw from your Stash after…

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