2020: The First Half, The Next Half, And The First Weekend In The Second Half.

Cast your mind back to the first day of the year. The joy, the cheer, the firm
handshakes, the warm hugs… You were hugging and shaking hands with everyone you
met. Terms like “social distancing” were not in your vocabulary. Shaking hands was not
forbidden, and seeing someone cough was nothing to be dreaded.
Summarily, the last six months have been defined by COVID-19, quarantine, and some
craziness – interesting ones. But we are human beings. And we’ve done what we know
how to do best – adapt.
We hope this post allows you to put all the happenings in the first half of the year in
proper context, and cruise through the next half of the year with more hope, drive and


One year too many
We are only halfway into the year and so much has happened already. From Kobe
Bryant’s death to the assassination of the Iranian General, Qasem Solemaini, which led
to rumours of a third world war – social media can play tricks on our minds sometimes.
And recently, the black lives matter movement in America and the surge in rape and
sexual molestations in Nigeria. Through all these, one needs an antidote to stay
mentally sane.
Before You Go On…
Whenever you get the opportunity, don’t forget to always offer a huge thank you to all
health workers and other essential and frontline staff for saving the day, day after day.
Never lose perspective on their efforts and their sacrifice. And that reminds us, if you’re
not wearing your facemask when in public or taking other safety measures, you’re
thwarting their efforts.

Back to the Subject…How Shift Started Getting Real

Real-life started seeming like a movie when, to prevent mass death, governments all
over the world had to slam the brakes on their economies. So now that there has been
a shift, what are you doing so your hustle can survive in the aftermath?

Working from home or rather, living at work

Offices were shut down, physically. But businesses had to stay alive. Hence, the
sudden transition to remote work. For some, the lockdown was answered prayers. They
had always wanted the break. It meant more time with family and loved ones. For
others, it wasn’t all that smooth. The transition was daunting: from the distractions at

work to deficient supporting infrastructures like power supply and strong connectivity.
For some, it was way more work to do – almost twice as much a before the pandemic if
not more. Whichever class you belong, here are WFH tips you can do right now.



Looking ahead… and this weekend.
You would agree that we are pretty much in a new normal. We doubt that you think
things will go back to the way they once were. You’ll see more attention given to
advanced communications and information technology, especially in a bid to make
working from home seamless. You’ll also see governments focus on the best way to un-
shut-down. Things are likely going to be much more complex, uncertain and fragile but
it’ll be interesting to see how the world will be moving forward.


In the meantime, got plans this weekend? Well, now you do. Lagos Business School is
hosting a Virtual Info Session this weekend. This is for you if you are interested in
joining the community of business leaders.
Also, if you are curious about learning how Americans celebrate one of the most
important days in their history – the Day of Independence. Then you shouldn’t miss out
on a wonderful opportunity to get involved in the 4th of July celebrations this year.


Oh, and don’t forget to be kind this weekend. You can start by spreading the news.
Share this with a friend. Friends don’t let friends miss out on stuff like this. We’ll see you
next week.

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