5 Things You Can Do On The New ALAT App.

In case you missed it, the ALAT app, the digital bank that puts your money right under your control, has just been upgraded. Here are 5 things you can do when you upgrade:

Choose how your dashboard looks.


The ALAT app now has a fresh look. You can now enjoy a more personalized experience and choose how you want your app to look and feel, as your mood changes. You can switch to dark mode to make your screen eye-friendly as you make your 3 am online transactions.

Get new devices

If you need a device so bad that your hustle depends on it, the upgrade was for you. When you upgrade to the new app, you can take a loan to buy phones, laptops, cameras, drones and more and pay in bits.

Top up on loans

You can now do much more with loans. Not only can you apply for a loan, but you can also refill on existing loans to cushion the effects of emergencies.

Pay in dollars with a Virtual Dollar Card


Now you can escape the hassle of an unfriendly exchange rate when you subscribe to Netflix, iTunes, Spotify, EA Sports games and pay for stuff online at a

Control all your debit cards

You can have full control over your money, with your debit cards all in one place. You can choose how you spend your money and where your card works.


There is the option of saving alone or inviting up to 12 of your friends to save towards a goal or join an existing savings group with a group code.

You’ll also enjoy offers from brands we think you’ll love. (Terms & conditions apply).

We did all of this for free. All you need to do to enjoy these benefits is to upgrade your app or download now if you haven’t signed up.

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