Ever considered what it feels like having a banking platform that can cater to all your digital payment needs? Do you find it difficult to make seamless payments online because of card restrictions? Have you missed out on so many things just because of your payment method? ALAT is fully committed to providing solutions to these problems and so much more. 

With ALAT, the story is entirely different. This is why ALAT is bringing eight (8) new amazing features to the app that would completely change the digital banking world. If you’re in the category of people who constantly ask how can I get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria? How can I pay for Remita bills? Is there a functional way to open a wallet without bvn? ALAT provides all of these and so much more. It is digital banking in its finest form. 

Here Are The 8 New Features That ALAT Is Bringing To The App

Device Loan

  • Loan Liquidation – Device loan makes loan liquidation easy even before the end of the loan cycle at any given time. You’re not restricted to compulsory loan cycles. If at any point during your loan period, you feel the need to terminate the loan, you can easily do this without any added fees or constraints.
  • Delivery Option – Customers have the option of either picking up a device from a vendor directly or merely have it delivered to their homes.
  • Device Choice – Customers can select whichever device they want because every item comes with detailed product descriptions and prices.
  • Loan DashBoard Merge – Customers would be able to view details of their device loan as well as that of other existing ALAT loans they might have. Your history and activities would also be displayed on that dashboard.

Goal-based Loan

  • Loan Top Up: Customers are allowed to top up their existing loan amount. If after taking a loan, you require more, this feature allows you to easily top up your loan.
  • Part Liquidate: Customers can make part payment to repay their loan anytime in the loan cycle.

Wallet on ALAT

Users can generate a wallet without needing a BVN


  • Hide account balance: Customers can hide or show their account balance on the dashboard.
  • Customers are given the ability to select specific features they want to be displayed on the dashboard.
  • Supports light and dark mode. iOS users can now choose between light and dark modes.

Personal Information Update on ALAT App

Customers can add details of any next of kin.

Pay with Remita

Users can now effortlessly make payments with remita which is fast and reliable.

Control all your ALAT Debit Cards

You can have full control over your money, with your debit cards all in one place. You can choose how you spend your money and even where your card works.

Virtual Dollar Card

Users are protected from unfriendly exchange rates whenever they make payments for Netflix, iTunes, Spotify, EA Sports games, and other online payments. 

All of these new features are guaranteed to make the Wema ALAT digital banking app better for customers. 

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