Are You Spending Too Much On Food?

It’s a simple question, don’t get worked up.

Unless you’re feeling guilty, of course, which means you’re probably spending too much on your meals.

But it’s food, guys. I need to eat to stay alive.


Tell us something we don’t know.

Yes, you need to eat (and eat well to at that), but you can save money while doing it. Here’s how:

1. Budget, budget, budget.

It’s a fact that we’re addicted to budgeting and that’s because a budget is the most basic thing you need to manage your finances. When it comes to eating, it’s really smart to decide how much you have to spend on food before you start splurging. Set money aside for buying provisions and set another (smaller) amount aside for eating out.

2. Plan your meals.

This applies to eating out as much as it applies to eating at home. A meal plan keeps you organised and helps you know what you absolutely need to spend in advance. You’re going to need to control your spontaneity: you can’t just order pizza because you feel like it or take friends to get suya because you’re feeling generous. Discipline is everything. This is what a decent Nigerian meal plan looks like.

3. Don’t buy what you don’t need.

This should go without saying but we’re saying it anyway. Mostly with provisions, use your meal plan to guide your shopping. There’s no point buying perishable food (like tomatoes, pepper, meat, fish, vegetables and plantain) “just in case.” It’s also important to define what your food essentials are. As in, if you’re not baking or making pancakes regularly, what’s a large bag of flour doing in your pantry? You should also start looking for cheaper Nigerian options to replace as many foreign brands as you can. If we’re going to save money, let’s go all the way.

4. Cut down on eating out.

There’s rice at home, and homecooked meals will forever be cheaper and potentially healthier than eating out. Besides, the more you save on eating at home, the more you’ll have to spend on the occasional fancy restaurant date. You can also tap into the restaurant discount life with ALAT Deals and get up to 15% off at restaurants and lounges.

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