Staying Safe during corona

COVID-19: Here’s How to Stay Safe With ALAT

Hello my neighbour. How are you doing? Are you feeling o-kayyyyyy?
Social distance please! Lol. Let’s talk guys,  how have you been coping with phrases like, “don’t shake me o! or ‘don’t touch me o!

Just in case you still seem lost, don’t worry you find your way, you hear?

Right now, the sun doesn’t rise and set without someone talking about the virus on social media. Can we just live?

Don’t you miss those days where you could greet friends and family with warm hugs to express your love?

Don’t you miss those days where you could innocently sneeze and cough unconsciously in public places without getting suspicious looks?

We do! Can we go back to those days already?

Now ehn! The fear of Covid 19 is the beginning of wisdom, but observing good hygiene like frequent hand washing with soap, making use of sanitizers, cough or sneeze into the crease of your elbow isn’t a bad idea really…

So back to social distancing, even in quarantine, you know ALAT can sort you out no matter your need, right?

With ALAT as your plug you definitely need to have a good time keeping in touch with loved ones on voice calls through unlimited airtime recharge on ALAT.

We know staying indoors might already be getting to you and you feel you’re literally gonna die of boredom. Take a sec to think about it, it’s actually a good idea to take a break from work sometimes, as this will boost your productivity levels, eventually.

Need to have video call meetings with your team or squad? Subscribe for a data plan with your ALAT app.

Netflix and chill? ALAT.

And if you’re scared you might run out of meter units, lol…. ALAT.

Before we forget, don’t forget to stock up on supplies, groceries, provisions and yes, you can shop online using your ALAT debit card.

With ALAT on your side, you definitely will survive and las las everybody go dey alright.

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