Twitter’s disappearing tweets, called fleets, are now available for everyone.

Twitter on Tuesday announced a global launch of “Fleets”, the ephemeral tweeting feature it first announced earlier this year and tested in various markets around the globe.

Now, any mobile Twitter user, regardless of where they live or what platform they’re on, will have access to the disappearing messaging feature, which will sit right at the top of the timeline in a row of Stories-like bubbles.

Twitter hopes the new feature will help reduce the pressure around tweeting by letting users express more casual thoughts and feelings while also concerning themselves less with saying something profound or racking up likes and retweets. Read more here.

What’s the best feature you’ve seen in a banking app?

Banking as we know it has changed drastically over the years. You no longer want to walk into a physical branch to move your money around – you want more convenience, speed, ease and access. 

In this episode, Demilade, Ayodele & Azodo talk about the coolest features they’ve seen in bank apps and how digital banking has helped them DO MUCH MORE. 

Click here to listen.

Which new devices do you need?

50% of professionals who replace devices every three years say their satisfaction with IT is improving, according to research. By contrast, 64% of those who replace devices every six years or more (or when the device fails) see their satisfaction either declining or at a standstill.

What does this mean for you and why should you care? Given the speed at which technology evolves, if your phone, laptop, camera, etc. is three years old or more, then you are missing out of numerous updates which are designed for newer, more advanced and efficient devices. In other words, your devices are ageing.

What do you do then? Refresh! Get a new device. New devices will boost your productivity, save you time, money and increase your overall satisfaction.

If you are low on cash, you can get up to N500,000 at only 2% interest rate to buy any new device and pay in bits over 6 months.

Get a new device today.

You are never fully dressed without a mask.

Social distancing, where you are advised to stay at least 6 feet apart, was sound advice when the idea was put forth during the pandemic’s early days. It remains sound advice now and will continue to be sound advice in the days ahead.

Making your safety a priority is more important now than ever. Sanitize your hands, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, practise respiratory hygiene, eat healthy and balanced diets, and please stay informed.

Show good judgement as you go about your daily activities and keep yourself free from injury or disease.

A brain teaser before you go

I am served at a table, in gatherings of two or four. Served small, white and round. You’ll love some, and that’s part of the fun.

What am I? You can find the solution here.

That’s it for this weekend. Oh, and don’t forget to be kind this weekend. You can start by spreading the news. Share this with a friend. Friends don’t let friends miss out on stuff like this. We’ll see you next week.

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