Done In 60 Seconds: How To Pay TV Subscriptions On ALAT

The TV is the centre of entertainment in most Nigerian homes, with about 35 million TVs lighting up across the country nearly every day. But what’s a TV with nothing to watch? A mirror, maybe? And even though more and more people are jumping on the Netflix bandwagon, you’re not going to find weekend football or Game of Thrones on it. Cable TV still rocks, and you need to pay your subscription. Here’s how to do it on ALAT in a minute (if your internet connection cooperates with you):

1. Sign in to the app and tap Airtime & Bills on the menu.

It begins here.

2. Tap Bill Payments then tap New Biller (with the plus sign).

Pick a new biller.

3. Scroll down to CABLE TV BILLS and tap to see your options — the familiar ones and a few you may have never heard of.

You can’t miss it.

4. See what we mean by options?

We’ve got range.

5. Tap the right one, pay and get back to watching.

You’re there.

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