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Embrace Total Freedom

We all love freedom! Whether it’s emotional, financial or mental, there is nothing more beautiful than being able to design and live the life that you want. We become truly happy when we are self-sufficient and able to do the things we want to do without having to struggle endlessly.

One beautiful thing about independence is the peace of mind it gives you. When you free yourself from stress, you have a greater chance of achieving so much more. Imagine being able to take that vacation you always wanted or learn a new language. When you take a step towards freedom in any form, you’re able to see life from a whole new perspective.

There’s no doubt that being free or independent can be a challenging journey. Freedom is propelled by growth, and growth takes a lot of time and effort. If you want to free yourself from stress, fear or financial troubles, you need to commit fully to the journey and take the first step with boldness.

The walk towards total independence usually begins with assessing where you are, accepting past failures and then making a decision to move past your difficulties. Sometimes, you have to acknowledge that there are things you might not be able to control and that’s okay. Focus on the things that are within your reach or the ones you have control over. Challenging conditions such as financial debt, fear, emotional and physical stress are things that you can control. You have the power to free yourself from all of these negative conditions.

When it comes to financial debt, simple lifestyle changes like investing, saving and spending within your means can help you gain back your financial freedom. It’s all about getting rid of old money management habits and adopting new techniques that lead you to the path of financial independence. A lot of people struggle with money management and that’s why ALAT has committed to making sure that more people can learn how to manage their money independent of a banking hall. ALAT has an easy-to-use feature that can help you automatically save a percentage of the money you earn each month. Keeping yourself educated with money tips like this is definitely a step in the right direction.

As with financial freedom, emotional freedom can be achieved when you take full responsibility. Figuring out the things that are good for your emotional health is the first step. Do more of the things you enjoy and eliminate the things that cause stress or emotional fatigue.

A huge part of being free is taking risks. You can’t keep living in fear of failure or anything else if you want to totally free. You must have heard the popular saying, “The things we fear the most never actually happen.” More often than not, that saying holds true. Taking a leap towards the things you are most afraid can give you the most amount of satisfaction. You’ll discover this when you try it!

What are you most afraid of? What are those things that are holding you back? As we mark Independence Day today, make a resolution to strive towards total independence and #freeyourself from those things that are holding you back.

Happy Independence Day!


This post wraps up Free Yourself, our personal independence series. Catch up on the previous installments herehere and here, and contribute to the #FreeYourself conversation on Twitter and Instagram. Did you enjoy the series? Leave us a comment below.

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