Four Recurrent Bills You Should Schedule Now

Bills, Bills, Bills isn’t just a catchy Destiny’s Child song, it’s basically the definition of adulthood. And because we know how tough being an adult is these days, we’re always looking for ways to simplify life.

One thing we’ve been using to reduce stress and skip drama is ALAT’s bill and airtime scheduler feature which helps you pay automatically. If you take the time to set it up (and that’s not a lot of time), you will never have to set bill reminders again.

Schedule these four recurrent bills on ALAT right away:

1. Airtime

It’s best to buy airtime weekly and it’s really easy to get that done on ALAT.

First, decide how much airtime you need for the month.

Next, divide that amount into weekly purchases then buy airtime for the first week on the app (tap Airtime & Bills on the menu then tap Airtime And Data on the next screen to see your airtime options) and schedule the purchase to be repeated weekly till the end of the month.

2. Internet Data

If you rely on mobile data to get online, you should add that cost to the cost of airtime you need for the month and schedule your airtime purchases.

If you use a modem, the process is just as simple: Decide how much data you need for the month, tap Airtime & Bills on ALAT, tap Bill Payments then tap New Biller and scroll down to INTERNET SERVICES to see your internet data options.

Pay and schedule that payment to be repeated monthly or weekly.

3. TV Subscription

Listen, your entertainment is important and even though Netflix is becoming quite popular, it still doesn’t show gripping global spectacles like Game of Thrones or EPL football. For those, you need good old cable TV.

DStv, GOtv, Kwese TV and Startimes are just a few of the TV subscriptions you can pay on ALAT. To schedule your monthly payment, tap Airtime & Bills, tap Bill Payments then tap New Biller and scroll down to CABLE TV BILLS to see your options.

4. Electricity

In a world without stress, you may never hear the sound of a generator chugging away to make sure you’re not in the dark or sweating your existence away. But even in this world of stress, you sometimes don’t need a generator. But that’s only if your meter has units to run on. Keep it topped up with the scheduler: Tap Airtime & Bills, tap Bill Payments then tap New Biller and scroll down to UTILITY BILLS. Tap and look out for the prepaid option for your electricity distribution company that serves you. Put in your meter number, pay and look out for an email/SMS with your meter token. Schedule your payment based on how many units you typically use every month and stay in the light.

What other bills do you schedule on ALAT to make your life easy? Comments are always welcome below.

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