Five Smart Things You Can Do With ALAT

1. Stop yourself from overspending.

Is your discipline failing? Tap Accounts on the app and set a spending limit. It’s your last line of defence against irresponsible behaviour.

2. Grow your money like grass.

You deserve your own field of cash. Tap Savings & Investments to grow money alone or with a bunch of people.

3. Make thieves look stupid.

Lost your debit card? Don’t sweat it. Tap Cards then tap Card control and lock it. No thief in the world can empty your bank account.

4. Avoid embarrassment.

In a money jam? Tap Loans to request a quick, shame-free bailout. By the way, if you have 100,000 naira or more saved on ALAT, you already have a guaranteed loan.

5. Prepare for the future and go to sleep.

See, you can’t remember everything. Schedule bill payments, data purchases and money transfers well ahead on the app. No pressure.

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