Headlines Don’t Tell The Full Story

Calling all the problem solvers

If you are a business or startup that loves to solve problems through innovative solutions, then this is for you. Hackaholics 2.0 is an acceleration program seeking to incubate established businesses with creative solutions for agritech, better healthcare for all, cutting-edge payment options/fintech for businesses, and disruptive gaming and betting solutions.

The business with the winning solution will have access to funding among other non-cash benefits. Selected businesses will have dedicated mentors throughout the program who will be as fired up about your business as you are, offering you advice to help scale up your solutions and gain more access to the market.

To join, sign up at https://hackaholics.wemabank.com/

Do much more on ALAT

Enjoy a more personalized experience, switch to dark mode to make your screen eye-friendly. you can take a loan to buy new devices and pay later, save alone or with friends, pay in dollars with a virtual dollar card, choose how you spend your money and where your card works and pocket-friendly offers from brands we know you’ll love. Download on Google Play Store or App Store now.

Ever thought of what you would do without the internet?

Life without the internet is pretty hard to imagine. We use the internet for almost everything in our lives; from shopping to dating, to even religious gatherings. So, what would happen if today, the internet suddenly disappeared? Listen to what people’s responses here.

Twitter wants to help you read more

Since headlines don’t tell the full story, Twitter wants to make you read an article before retweeting. “It’s easy for articles to go viral on Twitter. At times, this can be great for sharing information, but can also be detrimental for discourse, especially if people haven’t read what they’re Tweeting,” Twitter Director of Product Management Suzanne Xie said. Read the full story here. And in case you missed it, LinkedIn is rolling out a refreshed design with new features including stories and improved search results. Learn more here

Do you work from home or live at work?

If you are asked to choose between working from home or working from the office, which would you choose? See this comic to get more perspective.

Before you go, there is an ancient invention still used in some parts of the world today that allows people to see through walls. What is it? You can find the solution here

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