ALAT Supports Your Student Life

How ALAT Supports Your Student Life

Does this look familiar?

☑ Student        ⬜Unemployed                  ⬜Employed                        ⬜Self-Employed.

Sometimes, ticking that ‘Student’ box in forms can feel like you’re in a special group of your own. Everyone says your only job should be to read, read, and read some more.

At ALAT, we understand and acknowledge that your life needs a little more spice.

Here are a few ways the ALAT app can help make life easier for you as a student.

Shop in Dollars

With ALAT, you can buy items online in dollars! All you need to do is transfer money from your ALAT account to your ALAT Virtual Dollar Card. Our virtual dollar card lets you convert naira from your ALAT account to dollars at the current bank rate. And you know the best part? When you’re done shopping, you can move your dollar balance back to naira all on the ALAT app.

Build Your Side Hustle

With ALAT Goal Savings, you can save up for that full makeup kit or a professional camera to support your big dreams. Put some money every now and then into your ALAT goals and you’ll see your dreams come through soon enough. Plus, a juicy 10% interest is yours on savings per annum!

Click on the Goals option on your menu to get started.

Cut Cost on Movies

Your go-to destination for the latest movies in the cinema is the ALAT app. Hang out with friends or that special someone at the cinema with movie tickets bought on ALAT at a discount. ALAT has got you like that. Winks.

Save That Gift

Do you know that amazing moment when one relative or guardian angel greases your palm with unexpected cash? It’s best to put that money away with ALAT Stash. Save it up for something big and earn up to 10% interest on it. That’s how you can begin to create wealth for yourself.

Get Data Without Stress

Schedule your data subscription on the ALAT app for stress-free browsing. The latest gist doesn’t wait for late data top-ups, you know this.

Life is quite easy, to be honest, enjoy it with ALAT.

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