How ALAT Virtual Card Makes Your Life Easier

We shouldn’t have to tell you that we’re all about making life easy for you, that’ll be us blowing our own trumpet and that’s not how we roll, our trumpet blows itself (dusts shoulder). Anyway, let’s get to how the ALAT Virtual Card makes life easier for you.

First, what’s ALAT Virtual Card?

So, you have your money in naira and for some reasons, you have to spend in dollars – ALAT Virtual Card, also known as ALAT Dollar Card, is the non-physical card that allows you to spend in dollars online without you sweating.

Your ALAT Virtual Card created on the ALAT app is funded from your ALAT naira account at the current bank rate – no shades, no fear, only absolute value for your money.

And guess what? If it happens that you have excess dollar on your virtual card, you can always convert it to naira and move it to back to your ALAT naira account. Cool? We thought so too.

Five Reasons To Get The ALAT Virtual Card

  • It weighs nothing, l It occupies no physical space whatsoever, not even in your wallet.
  • It is eco-friendly. We are thinking about your convenience and the safety of our planet at the same time – no plastic.
  • It is pretty secure. You can’t misplace it, not even if you misplace your device. It can’t be stolen. In short, you can’t lose it. (No assurance is greater than this.)
  • It doesn’t need to be activated on an ATM – you won’t be using it there anyway.
  • It lets you pay in dollars from your ALAT account, just like that.

Do we still need to tell you that you’ll be shortchanging yourself if you don’t get the ALAT virtual card?

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