How to Cut Down on Your Monthly Expenses

The other day, someone we know was lamenting on how she didn’t know who’s spending her money with her. She swore she had no idea where her money was going. But your ALAT app doesn’t lie, if we say you’ve spent the money, you have spent the money.

After a simple act of generating her statement of account, the breeze blew, and the hidden part of a hen was right there in the open. The end of the story is that she spent her money indeed, all by herself and by herself alone.

So, from a real-life angle, please avoid stories that touch about money developing wings and flying from your account. We have four suggestions we believe can help.

  • Buy in bulk

If a dozen costs 5,000 and one costs 600, the voice that tells you to buy 3 at 600 each wants to rob you of #550. But if you buy half at #2500, you would have saved up to #1,100. Just think about it, especially for recurrent commodities.

  • Slow down with hired cabs

Hired cabs are super comfortable if you can ignore the fact that they cost at least 4 times more than public transport (sometimes up to 10 times if there is a surge.) What do we know though? Maybe that BRT is also quite comfortable with the AC and it’s legit the cheapest ride in Lagos if you know your timing. Please dear, we mean the blue BRT.

  • Target deals and discounts

Deals and discounts on products and services are for you! You hear? Take advantage of them. They’ll save you some money. Talking about deals, you can save up to 20% on weekdays and 50% on weekends when you pay with our cards at Radisson Blu, Burg and Fahrenheit Loft. Oh yes, we did that for you. You should also know that it’s okay to bargain price and ask for discounts from vendors and stores. You never can tell when you could get one.

  • Split the bills

Okay, we recommend that you spend time with loved ones as often as possible and you should pay when you can afford to.  But did you know that nothing will spoil if everyone pays their bill? Absolutely nothing will. Don’t forget to mention to them not leave their payment card behind though, let them know what’s about to happen.

All that said, don’t forget to share the love with friends and family when you can. Just make sure you know what you’re doing.

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