Hey guys, we understand you might be worried about the lockdown extension. We are too. But you see Covid-19 ain’t a joke, it is real and serious. So the need to stay safe in times like this can’t be overemphasized because it helps flatten the curve and in no time we all get back to our normal lives.  But when you think of it, these past few weeks has led to limitless bonding with family and loved ones.  Some of us got to play vintage family games like Monopoly, Ludo, What Am I?, e.t.c.
The truth is now more than ever, we have to spend more time indoor staying safe. And no doubts the monotonous activities you get to engage in can be tiring. We get you, believe us.
The truth is, as humans, repeating a particular thing over and over again can be tiring and boring. We know! Chillax and take a sec to think about how you could make the best of this indefinite compulsory break we’ve got.
Remember those moments when you made statements like “I wish I had time, there are lots of things I would do”,  News flash! The moment is now, to channel those hobbies or activities into productivity.  So wake up and stop sleeping on a bicycle pal.
In a bid to flatten the curve, there are one thousand and one things to do and below are a few things to develop on keep yourselves busy with;
• Engage in Educative Online Materials: So, yeah you could still get educated at home without going to school by taking courses online on an affordable amount and discounts. Do a free Digital Marketing course and get certified with Google. For the I.T guys getting some free Oracle Learning  would be dope, right? Hence, you could also engage in online webinar courses. A few institutions online to look out for are Udemy, Harvard Online, Stanford Online, Essex Online, Future Learn, Coursera.
•  Participate Actively on Social Media: All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Claiming busy can’t work during this period because working from home can be flexible. Get engaged with trendy social media activities like the quarantine dance off challenge, my photo challenge, quarantine playlist challenge, don’t rush challenge. With the whole Covid-19 frenzy right now, the music lovers could always get engaged on musical virtual concerts with Instagram and Facebook right on your couch. Following us on social media platforms would help out with this, so don’t dull.
• Learn A New Skill: Develop new skills indoors by watching you educative videos for cooking, baking, fashion designing or make up video.
• Improve Your Reading Culture: You might not be a fan of reading but developing a reading culture this period wouldn’t break a bone, right? Get engaged reading e-books by yourself or with friends in a virtual book club or use a  free e-book website.
• Achieve Your Fit fam Body: A healthy lifestyle is incomplete without engaging in exercises. Achieve your fit fam body shape on a daily routine with fitness apps and a good diet
One thing is sure as we stay safe, should you ever run out of data or need to make an online payment, ALAT is your plug – after all, that’s what you get to enjoy as a member of the Trybe.
The truth is, this break ain’t gonna last forever, so let’s enjoy it while it lasts as we are with all the way.
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