How To Manage Your Money With ALAT


If you’ve been using ALAT like a regular banking app, just doing the basic things, you’re missing the point (and it’s breaking our hearts).

Sure, you can send money, pay bills and buy airtime on ALAT, but that’s barely scratching the surface of what it can do for your finances.

Wouldn’t you like to do more with your money?

If you’re in, here’s what you need to do:

1. Use the scheduler.

Everyone has bills they pay regularly — TV and internet subscriptions, service charges and the like. And since you know when these bills should be paid, you can automate payments from your ALAT account with the scheduler.

Besides not having to pay manually when the bills are due, scheduling payments helps you plan where your money should go ahead of time.

The scheduling option shows up when you pay a bill, buy airtime or data and it works with a single tap.

+ Learn how you can spend less on airtime.

2. Split your income.

After paying your monthly bills, use your budget to divide the rest of your money:

– Whatever you’re saving should go into a Fixed goal or a Stash.

– Money for essentials (like groceries and your rent fund) can go into another Stash.

– Whatever you have left over can stay in your main account.

+ This is what an ideal budget looks like.

3. Set a spending limit.

Even with all the self-control in the world, you can’t trust yourself to always follow your money rules.

That’s why the spending limit feature exists.

Think of it as a last resort to keep you in line when you’re about to overshoot your budget.

Of course, you can adjust your limit whenever you want, but even then, it still works fine as a reminder to spend sensibly.

+ Learn how to set a daily spending limit.

If ALAT has helped you and you’d like to share, leave us a couple of lines in the comments section. We’d also like to know how you think we can make your life better.

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