How To Grow Your Small Change Into Big Savings

Small change. Loose change. Spare money.

Call it what you want, the point is it’s money you don’t need to spend, so it’ll probably lie around till you spend it on something forgettable. That’s how the thing goes.

But small change can grow, it just depends on where the money is going. Money doubling is real after all, just not the way you’ve pictured it to be.

Let’s say you have four hundred naira hanging out in your wallet, just chilling, you know? And let’s say there’s also some seven hundred naira floating after the round figure in your bank account.

What’s 400 + 700?

Skip the arithmetic, the answer is savings.

As easy as it is to do that simple math, you can go from small change to a solid savings plan if you know what to do.

And what to do is to use ALAT Stash.

We designed this for you. Please, pay attention.

Here’s how Stash works:

You tap Goals & Savings on your ALAT app, scroll down a little (if your phone isn’t a small TV), looking out for CREATE A STASH. When you see it, tap it. Fill in the few blanks and you’re on your way.

What you’ve just done is cleared a piece of land to plant your small change.

You’ll now add money to your stash whenever you have small change. Think of it as planting seeds.

You see, at ALAT, we grow things. (Just don’t mistake us for an agricultural company.)

Interest on your stashed cash is paid monthly, and if you want to take what you’ve earned on your money after 30 days, we’ll pay you, no questions asked.

Remember, your money has to stay in your stash for at least 30 days to earn interest. After that, you can withdraw as much as you like as often as you want. It’s your money, isn’t it?

Now, go and create your first stash. Give it a worthy name (like ‘Tomorrow’s Millions’) and tell two people what you’re doing to make your future better today.

You’ll be reaping interest soon, you’ll be the envy of all your friends, you’ll take over the worl… um, you get the point. Say we told you so.

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