Why you should save

The Only Reason You Should Save

You may need to sit for this.

Fact #1: Saving is a difficult thing for a lot of people, so difficult that it’s easy to assume those who save consistently have some kind of superpower.

We used to be like ‘a lot of people’, struggling to put money away and failing badly. Maybe you can relate.

But then ALAT launched and saving became the easiest thing in the world, right? Well, not quite.

Fact #2: Even with the easiness of ALAT’s automated goal savings feature, saving is still a choice you have make.

“Since it’s a choice, why should I save?”

One reason only: Because life deals in the unexpected.

And ‘unexpected’ doesn’t always mean bad things. Good things can show up without warning too (pleasant surprises, anyone?).

Out of the blue, you could be offered a sweet deal on your dream car. Or a very low price on a furnished apartment. Basically, an opportunity anyone in their right mind would take. But if you don’t have any money lying around, you’d probably have to give up the opportunity (or take a loan that will stress you out financially). And in that moment, you’d wonder why you didn’t save regularly and probably feel terrible.

Listen, saving is a sacrifice, no doubt. You’d have to give up some things you could enjoy in the present.

“That doesn’t sound like fun at all.”

You’re right, it doesn’t, but your future comfort is worth a lot more than momentary good times and having money saved up for things that could come up without notice is a wonderful feeling.

So maybe you should give setting a goal on ALAT another try.

This time, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Start with a small amount, save it weekly and leave the money alone.

Your savings will grow, maybe even faster than you expect (considering the interest we’ll pay you), and you’ll have a reserve to take from when the unexpected shows up.

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  • SamBare

    The article is beautiful and enlightening…. It is biblical too that a man should restrain from loan or debt.
    Thanks for it. Keep it coming.

    August 9, 2017
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