New On ALAT: Western Union Money Transfer

It’s very likely that you’ve had some difficulties using ALAT over the last couple of weeks and we’re sorry for the stress.

Most of those issues were growing pains, and we’ve been working to make the app a lot better.

This week, that work has finally paid off. Version 3.0, the latest and most efficient ALAT update so far, is now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Unlike the last couple of updates, Version 3.0 isn’t packed with new features but it’s as important as any we’ve previously released. It matters because it resolves several recurring performance issues, including the ones that may have pissed you off recently, and generally ties up loose ends.

But what’s an ALAT update without at least one fresh feature, right?

Version 3.0 gives you the time-saving option of receiving Western Union money transfers right on your phone, no trips to the bank required.

Get the update now and tap Receive Money on the app menu to see how to accept a Western Union transfer.

Thank you for sticking with us through the rough patches. We’ll keep getting better for you.


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