Surviving the New Lagos with ALAT

Hello Lagosians, we’d love to talk about why you haven’t read from us until now but first, how’s the Okada ban going? Lol. Don’t bother to answer, we know exactly how it’s going because someone we know just pulled out of her gym membership. Girl said the trek is more than enough exercise she needs for each day. On a serious note though, the Okada/Keke ban in Lagos will take its toll on all residents before everything evens out eventually.

While you adapt to the new Lagos realities, we have some tips to help you slide in easy, especially if you don’t own a car yet.

  • Leave home early. Okay, scrap that. You already leave home early. Seriously though, you will need to budget some more time for the traffic.
  • Find people going your route. Time’s up with the whole ‘I mind my business and face where I’m going’ pride. It’s time to get friendly with your neighbour that has a car! Get to know their route and see if they can make your commute easier. Also, colleagues at work. We know of anEgbeda Sienna at the office for instance. Someone has a car, some people need a ride, they buy fuel, everybody rides home smooth, everyone is happy.
  • Buy your own car. You don’t have enough money? But do you have a salary account and work in the finance industry or Oil and Gas? Yes? Then log in to your ALAT app and get a loan to buy your own car or whatever you need a loan for. And if you don’t work in those spaces but need a loan, our friends at Wema Bank can sort you out, check them out. Don’t say we didn’t do anything for you.
  • Go for a pool ride. We hope you know you can ride with other people in a taxi and share the bill with them. If your taxi app doesn’t enable this, set the pool yourself – call out for people going your way on Twitter, for instance. You’d be surprised how many people go your way every day.
  • If you must walk the walk, get a trek-buddy. We’ve heard it’s a lot easier when you walk with some company. And who knows…? People have found love in less interesting circumstances.

One more thing, if you’re not trekking, you shouldn’t tarry in traffic either. Wait out the traffic somewhere nice and remember to always pay with your ALAT card, you never can tell when you might get a discount.


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