The Best UK And US Online Stores That Deliver To Nigeria

Black Friday has become quite a big deal locally, but all the hype here can’t compare to the massive price drops on online stores in the UK and the US. And because there’s no fun if you can’t shop for discounts wherever you find them and get whatever you buy delivered to your address, we’ve rounded up eight of the very best international stores that deliver to Nigeria, some of them at very low prices. Take the tour and keep your debit card close in case you find an irresistible deal.

1. Amazon

The everything store.

The biggest online store of them all, Amazon is a selling machine that stocks everything from fashion items to car parts and has a reach that extends across the world. Last year, Amazon took over half of all online Black Friday sales — more than $2.5 billion.

Hot tip: Look out for extra discounts on Prime deals.


For the trendiest looks.

When no one else cared about shipping to Nigeria, UK fashion outlet ASOS did. To further sweeten the deal, shipping to your Nigerian address is free for orders over 20 pounds ($31.52) and there’s a discount every other week.

Hot tip: ASOS stocks several fast fashion brands that aren’t exactly known for being durable. Look out for massive discounts on popular designer labels instead and keep an eye on your inbox for sales tip-offs.

3. Topman

Value for money, every time.

For on-trend designs and designer-quality items that don’t break the bank, men-only store Topman is the place to go. It doesn’t stock as much merchandise as its UK rival ASOS, but it boasts an in-house brand that’s hard to beat at the value game.

Hot tip: Don’t get distracted by other brands on the Topman store. Just buy Topman. It’s worth it.

4. Nordstrom

A class apart.

Nordstrom is brilliant, not just for the range it offers, but for the quality of its selection of fashion, beauty and home products. You’ll find acclaimed designer brands, game-changing newbies and more in-between. And when there’s a sale, it’s a big deal.

Hot tip: Be patient enough to dig deep on Nordstrom. Good things await.

5. Farfetch

A gateway to global fashion.

On Farfetch, high-end boutiques in countries you’ve never visited are only a few clicks away. Translation: You’ll be spoilt for choice and swimming in luxury designer options for men and women.

Hot tip: Get the Farfetch app. Seriously.


More than shopping.

The people behind know all about style and it shows. Go for the impressive range of designers, stay for the equally impressive discounts. Your debit card won’t mind.

Hot tip: Scour the website for styling tips and spot trends early via Style Report.

7. CB2

Home never looked so good.

Life isn’t all about fashion, and you should want where you live to look as good as you do (right?). CB2, a one-stop destination for elegant furniture and home decor, agrees. Sift through a ton of furnishing options to transform your living spaces and get lost while doing it.

Hot tip: If you don’t like to explore, you can’t get the best out of CB2. Take your time with this one, there’s a lot to discover.

8. Moda Operandi

Nothing quite like it.

From fashion week to your wardrobe, straight. That’s the uniqueness of Moda Operandi, the only online store where you can preorder fashion items right off the runway. Not the most affordable but definitely the most outstanding.

Hot tip: Sales are generous and you get 10% off your first purchase with the code NEWTOMODA.

PS. You can shop with your ALAT Virtual Card on each store featured. Go for it.

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