Weekend Agenda: A Golden Chance, Women Tennis, More


We make time for what we want. We choose our own priorities. We make room for the things that we treasure. It’s all us, it’s always been about our choices. We can actually move a few things around to make some other things work if we want to. We shouldn’t always blame it all on adulting. But what do we know?

Golden Chance

Wema bank has a million naira that they’re not using and wants to spend it on some kid’s education. If you have or love a little prince or princess, see what you need to do here.

Going down

Maybe you should hang out with people from work this Friday. Emphasis on hangout, as in out of your office. You’ll be surprised who can get lit. But on Saturday, you may find your way to HardRock Café for Lost 2019. But please, don’t get lost. Sunday is a good day enjoy good music and do charity at Acada Fest.

On the Web

Sometimes, you don’t give Caesar what belongs to him, you give Caesar what he demands and that can be 7.2% VAT as may be payable in Nigeria soon. On a lighter note, there’s April fool in September and it’s still difficult to not love Nigerians.

Serena Williams

A woman, we stan! We’d love to talk about Women Tennis, the many outstanding players we’ve seen and how Serena Williams still thrills us with her strength and courage but Monica Seles did us the favour.


One, there’s nothing like African Literature and that’s that! Come to us with an opinion if you’ve checked this list out. Two, ALAT Virtual Dollar Card makes your life easier. Three, you can pay Netflix, Spotify and Apple Music sub with your ALAT Card. Four, we’re waiting for you on Twitter and IG, if you haven’t connected with us there. Five, PMB is still our elected president till 2023. Six, okay, let’s pause it here.

Be kind, have fun and don’t stop saving with ALAT.

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