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It’s here!

While Harmattan may have been stuck in Lagos traffic, Teni the Entertainer is out there on the streets of Lagos, 3rd Mainland Bridge to be precise, reminding us all that Santa is already in town and the parties are happening; with Teni Live in Concert being on December 16 at the Eko Convention Centre. Are you ready???!!!


Using your phone while you drive is a traffic offence and FRSC will not hear that it’s Google Maps you’re using when they catch you. Keep your eyes on the road at all times and don’t drive when you drink. Stay safe this season dear, we need you alive and well. In other news, this is a good weekend to stock up for the holidays if you haven’t.

Shoot your shot

African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative is accepting applications for their 3rd top-notch leadership and business management capacity building program for female entrepreneurs, apply here or pass the info to who might need it.

Kaline Live or Cardi B?

So yea, Cardi B is in Lagos and performing this Saturday, what you gon do abou’rit? You could attend at 10% less the price when you pay with your Visa card. And if you want a more intimate setting, Terra Kulture will host Kaline’s The Wedding Concert Experience same Saturday. Sunday is a good day for Netflix and chill, don’t forget to subscribe with your ALAT card.

Hold our hand

We can’t deny that this season is usually better with friends and family but if for whatever reason you are in a space that feels alone and wanting someone’s hand to hold, we’re here spreading our arms wide, giving a mama bear hug and singing to you in Akon and MJ’s voice. Hold our hands and let’s walk with you through all of your growth.

Enjoy the weekend.

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