Weekend Agenda: Bodyweight Exercises, New Kizz Daniel, More

2018 is over.

Well, not quite but the year is wrapping up pretty quickly.

What do you see when you look back, 360-something days of achieving your goals or months of pushing things forward and never getting them done?

See, procrastination is terrible and crippling. While time passes, you’re stuck in Not Today Land – a place of a dozen excuses and a hundred reasons for underachieving. Not the kind of place you want to be, is it?

It’s not too late to get out, but the longer you wait, the harder it gets to make up for lost time. Start your life now. Not tomorrow, not next year. This is your today resolution.

Here’s what else is worth looking into this weekend:

1. The Self-Contained Gym

You already know that we’re passionate about your money. We’re also quite passionate about keeping you alive and well, and one of the ways to do that is through regular exercise.

Now, the gym isn’t a place everyone likes or even remembers to go to, but who says you need all those heavy metal things to get your body in shape?

This map of bodyweight exercises will help you stay in shape ahead of the holidays, no metal things needed. Save it on your phone. That’s your new personal trainer.

2. Of Note

Visa-free travel within Africa is still a fantasy, the joys oftaking the high road, preventingyellow fever, four decades ofmurder andhow to deal with haters.

3. The Plug

Seven-Up Bottling Company doesn’t just want you to buy soft drinks by the dozen, there’s a plan to help you do more with your life too, likethis offer to pay for your MBA at Harvard Business School.

The scholarship covers tuition, housing and a return ticket to the US. And you don’t need to look for anything under a crown cork.

Fintechs with a minimum viable product (MVP) can apply to be part of Labs by ARM, a 12-week accelerator program in Lagos. Apart from free co-working space and mentorship, there’s access to up to $100,000 in funding. Details arehere.

Applications to the OneBeat residency program are now open to musicians ready to push boundaries.Apply before December 21 for an opportunity to develop your music and tour the US next year.

4. Jam Material

No matter your taste in music, there’s no arguing Kizz Daniel’s status as a hitmaker. Picking up where he left off on his 2016 debut, the singer returns withNo Bad Songz, a twenty-track album of feel-good music and party-starters. Repetition isn’t far off, but you probably won’t notice as you drown in the vibes.

StreamNo Bad Songz onApple Music orDeezer.

5. Recycle Bin

It’s always interesting to take a look back to where a big thing started from, and that’s whatFounder Rewind exists for. Nostalgia may kick in as you watch interviews with the people behind some of the world’s biggest brands before they got big.

Facebook wants toteach you skills. (“Busy now. I have a class on Facebook.” Huh?)

The Rumble In The Jungle 2:Lion vs Hyenas (Thanks, BBC.)

Have a lovely weekend.

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