Weekend Agenda: Brilliance Without Drugs, Opportunities For Women, More

It’s been quite a week.

From the disheartening act of terrorism that claimed several lives in Kenya to the ongoing public debate on transactional sex kickstarted by Falz’s latest album,¬Moral Instruction¬and¬†the cluttering of timelines by the super-viral #10YearChallenge, the news cycle has been spinning pretty hard lately.

If you’re looking for a break from all of it, we’ve got you.

Here’s your weekend agenda for unwinding, with just a hint of news:

1. The Perks Of Being Sober

Artists are notorious for turning to addictive substances for help in creating their masterpieces, and these substances, when abused, often become their downfall.

But not¬these musicians¬†with inspiring stories of reform.¬†Once hooked on drugs or trapped by alcohol, they cleaned up their act and were pleasantly surprised to find that brilliant art can be made while sober.

2. In Other News

Kenyans come together¬†in the shadow of tragedy,¬a conversation¬†with a legendary Nigerian hip hop photographer,¬tampons and toxic shock syndrome¬†and¬a story¬†of life and death that will stir your soul.

3. It’s A Girl Thing

If you’re a female entrepreneur, you should be interested in the SheTrades In The Commonwealth¬†program. It offers support and visibility to women-owned businesses and provides an opportunity to network with female entrepreneurs from across Africa. Details are¬here.

This May, you could join a group of progressive women at McKinsey & Company’s Next Generation Women Leaders event in Paris, France at no cost. This exclusive three-day workshop really just wants to help you shape your professional leadership style. Apply¬here¬†latest March 8.

4. Scenes

This skate shop¬†is hosting an exhibition of poetry and more in Victoria Island on Friday, a spoken word event is on at¬Bogobiri House, Ikoyi this Saturday and a¬Truppr workout session¬†holds this Sunday on a Yaba rooftop.

Find more events and movies on the ALAT app. Tap ‘Lifestyle’ on the menu and you’re in.

5. Spares

A Nigerian short film worth two long films from anywhere in the world.

John Wick¬returns¬†with help. (He’s going to need it.)

This¬†is your next¬†favourite¬†chill-out song. (We’re taking a chance.)

Have a fantastic weekend!

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