Weekend Agenda: Exercise Will Save Your Life, Lagos Fashion Week, More

Most parts of adulting aren’t easy, but renting an apartment can be particularly exhausting.

Even if money isn’t an issue, you’ll still have to search for the place of your dreams (more like sift through several nightmares), talk to estate agents, talk to more estate agents, buy new things, then do the actual moving and settling in. Phew.

If you’re renting for the first time, it’s even more stressful. But thankfully, we have the ultimate guide to make moving out of your parents’ house painless. You’re welcome.

Here’s the rest of your weekend agenda:

1. You Need To Move It, Move It

You’ve heard it all before: sitting for extended periods every day shortens life expectancy, smokers are liable to die young, too much fast food isn’t good for your heart. All that.

But if what you’re doing is bad for you, what about what you’re not doing? We’re talking about exercise and it’s a big huge deal. If you’re one of the 1.4 billion people estimated by the WHO to be physically inactive, you need to start moving to save your life. And know that you can never be too active.

2. The Newsfeed

Waking up early may not make you successful, that Wizkid video, Nigeria gets $660 million to fight diseases and meet the NBA’s Cameroonian superstar.

3. Options

The World Bank’s SDGs & Her competition is now open to women running microenterprises. It’s an opportunity to get global exposure for your business and network at an event in Washington, DC. Details are here.

If you’re not older than 30 and you have a viable business proposition that addresses a social issue, you should join the Young Social Entrepreneurs programme. Benefits include mentorship and grants. Apply now.

4. Places

The 2018 Lagos Fashion Week opened this Wednesday but the real show starts on Thursday evening. Schedule’s here.

The Lagos Photo Festival also opens this week. Be at the grand opening on Saturday. Entry is free.

Rewatch the action classic Bad Boys with friends on the Hard Rock Beach, Victoria Island on Saturday or catch soul singer Aduke in concert on Sunday in Yaba. Tap Lifestyle on the ALAT app to get tickets to both events.

5. The Others

Holiday in Argentina, anyone? (Hurry, before it becomes another Dubai.)

If you travel abroad often, Flyright is for you. (No, it won’t help you avoid flight delays.)

Eye control for the iPhone. (Verdict: Fantastic.)

Fuel the weekend with songs from Show Dem Camp’s latest album, Palmwine Music Vol. 2 (Apple MusicDeezer). The eclectic ten-track set features several guests including Nonso Amadi, Falana, Ajebutter 22, Lady Donli, Boj, LADIPOE and Moelogo.

Enjoy your weekend.

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