Weekend Agenda: Feed Your Soul, Black Laughs Matter And More

Feed Your Soul

As words are the language of reason, music is the language of passion and food for your soul. It’s okay to be a foodie as long as you feed right and healthy. Feed your soul this weekend. Subscribe to Apple Music, Deezer and other music streaming platforms with your ALAT Cards. If you are yet to sign up on ALAT, download on Google Play or App Store today. Make sure you have up to N2,000 on your new account so you can request for a debit card. Your first card is free and will be delivered to your address at no cost.

Virtual Meetings are a Vibe

What’s the craziest virtual call moment you’ve had while working remotely? We bet you have a couple! Check out the latest ALAT podcast for a good laugh.

New Courses You Might Like

Google has released some mini-courses as part of the certificates that were announced earlier. The mini-courses are in Project Management, UX Design, and Data Analysis. The UX Design Mini-Course to help you start thinking about user experience. Learn how to analyze data to solve problems with the Data Analyst mini-course. Learn problem-solving for future Project Managers. You can also check Microsoft’s skill acquisition initiative here

Don’t Throw Onion Peels Away

Have you ever asked yourself why you throw onion peels away? Is it because they are useless? Or, is it because they make you cry? Well, the onion makes you cry, not the peels. In fact, if recent researches are to be believed, onion peels are more nutritional than the onion itself.

You can use onion skin to enhance what you cook and promote your health at the same time. Nutritionists say the skin of almost all vegetables and fruits are loaded with nutrients. Onion skin provides many health benefits. If you want to add it to your diet, however, make sure the onions are organic and free from pesticides and chemical treatments. See 5 ways you can use them in your food here.

Black Laughs Matter

Join the special “Black Laughs Matter” online comedy show featuring some of the San Francisco’s top African-American comics. You can also join the Founders Live to watch companies pitch their value proposition. The Founders Live is a global venue that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to earn recognition, connect with other entrepreneurs, and truly become rock stars.

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