Weekend Agenda: How To Treat People, Entertainment Options And More

A two-day holiday wasn’t nearly enough, was it? But we’ll take what we can get and keep our eyes firmly locked on the weekend.

Here’s how you’re going to get through the next couple of days:

1. End Over Means

We should treat people how we’d like to be treated, but the Golden Rule doesn’t quite capture the nuances of interpersonal relations.

To get a better understanding of how we should see others, let’s travel over 200 years back in time to 18th century Prussia (Germany to the rest of us) and learn from one of smartest people to ever walk the earth, Mr. Immanuel Kant, who believed people should be treated as an end, not just as a means.

2. Stories That Touch

Saving Elon Musk, the looting of China, the modest life of an ex-president, when a marriage falls apart and hearing from suicide survivors.

3. Openings

The Vivatech 2019 Challenge is now accepting entries from African startups who have developed AI-based technologies, products or services. The winning startup gets to exhibit at Vivatech 2019 in Paris. Get details.

Applications for the Obama Foundation Fellowship are now open. The fellowship, a two-year, non-residential program for civic innovators who have made meaningful impact in their communities, provides opportunities for participants to become better leaders. Apply here.

4. Entertainment Options

If you’re into cars, be at The 2018 Nigeria Auto Show, opening 9:00 am this Friday at Federal Palace Hotel.

Up for a free play? ‘Lottery Ticket’ is on at 3:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday at The Kona, Lekki. Get directions.

Afro-rock band Skata Vibration is performing from 7:00 pm this Saturday at Bottles, Victoria Island. The set will also feature singer Brymo.

Fair In The Park begins at 8:00 am this Sunday at Ndubuisi Kanu Park in Ikeja. You can look forward to healthy food, drinks and nutrition advice.

Also on Sunday, the red carpet opens at Jimmy’s Jump Off from 6:00 pm at The Dome, Abuja. Tickets are here.

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5. The Rest

A tour of Iceland’s volcanic world or a tour of the Tesla factory with Elon Musk himself? (Hello, why not both?)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the latest phone-to-beat. (*starts countdown to the next ‘latest phone-to-beat’*)

This unsettling film is coming to Nexflix soonish. (Only a little more unsettling than the number of hours people spend on Netflix.)

Have a great weekend!

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