Weekend Agenda: Island Block Party, New Precedent, More

When August began, we reassured you of our support all through your growth process. We also mentioned that it is important for you to put in more effort. Now that we are at the end of the month, we hope you have made progress. We hope you have found both the courage and the strength you need to begin the journey to a better and more convenient life for you.

But if for whatever reason you haven’t, now is the next best time to begin.

You deserve honour

Good work shouldn’t go unnoticed.The Commonwealth Youth Award is out to recognize the contributions of young people towards Sustainable Development Goals. If you have been working around the SDGs for at least a year or know someone who has, you shouldapply or nominate for the 2020 award.

Going down

A good way to begin the weekend is withmusic vibes. Then, you may want to hide your home training on Saturday atIsland Block Party in Lekki. You can also check-in atRadisson Blu in Lekki, 355 Restaurant and Lounge or Burg and enjoy up to 50% discount courtesy of the bank that gets you – us. Just pay with any of our cards. You’re welcome.

We’re here for this

Anyone who is not too young to vote isno longer too young to run and it is simple logic that such a person isn’t also too young to be appointed into public offices. There is a new precedent in our nation’s public leadership and the name to this one isSeun Fakorede, Honourable Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Oyo State. We wish him unprecedented success in office.

Loosen up

Laughter is such good medicine to maintain sanity. You may not even know how effective it is until you’ve seen armed robbers with your own eyes. Oh, don’t panic, we meanarmed robbers on Twitter!

Amazing Amazon

They wrote these amazon facts for kids but we know those little humans will still turn to us with unimaginable questions! Do they even read to understand? Sigh. Anyway,here’s a summary of what the amazon rainforest was before the fire.


Have a joyful weekend and keep your money with ALAT.

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