Weekend Agenda: Know Your Country, Independence Weekend Events, More

What does the number 58 mean to you?

It’s not exactly a very memorable figure where age is concerned. People would rather make a big deal about their 50th birthday or their 60th than throw a party for their 58th. It’s just not that important, or so it seems.

But if your name is Nigeria (the country we all love to hate but can’t toss in the bin because it’s the only home we have), every year counts. Every 365 days of our continued existence is worth bringing out drums for.

So we celebrate Nigeria at 58 like we just turned a hundred.

Why? Well, because believe it or not, there are things to celebrate.

We’re grateful we’re not in the middle of a civil war or trying to cross one of our borders because our country is no longer habitable. We’re proud of the so-called small wins no one talks about, like how much food we produce (a lot), how big Nollywood is (really big) and how much foreign investment our startups attracted last year (over a hundred million dollars).

Today, and every day, let’s show that we have some pride in Nigeria. Let’s stop waiting till foreigners insult our jollof rice to be patriotic.

Here’s your weekend agenda:

1. Know Your Country

Like every other human collective, Nigeria has its good, bad and ugly sides. And although you don’t have to go far to see these angles, there are details of Nigeria’s story you may never find out on your own. This explosive documentary contains over two hours of such unpublicised details, uncensored. A real eye-opener.

2. News Material

Uncovering the Cameroon atrocity, meet Buhari’s challengers, glimpse the future of Jumia, tracking India’s man-eating tigers and these are the world’s most valuable private startups.

3. Pathways

Women studying computer science, computer engineering or a closely related technical field can win 7,000 euros in the Google Women Techmakers Scholars Program. Apply here.

The MasterCard Foundation wants to cover all your expenses to study for a master’s degree or an MBA at the University of British Columbia, Canada. Get details.

Innovators and innovations advancing the Sustainable Development Goals can win up to $2,000 in the 2019 Commonwealth Innovation Awards. See if you have what it takes here.

4. Just Go

It’s already looking like one of the busiest long weekends this year and because the opportunities to have a good time are many, we’ve had to pick out some of the more interesting-looking events. You can get tickets to all on the ALAT app.

Start the Independence Day party a day early at The Lagos Margarita Festival holding from 2:00 pm this Sunday at Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island.

From 11:00 pm on the same day, a rave is going down at the Jabi Boat Club in Abuja.

Jameson Connects featuring Seun Kuti and BOJ will light up the New Afrika Shrine in Ikeja on Independence Day. The vibes begin at 3:00 pm.

If you’re in Abuja on October 1, the Central Park Fiesta begins at 2:00 pm at, you guessed it, Central Park.

And for family-friendly fun, Smallfoot opens in cinemas this weekend. Try to squeeze that in.

Tap Lifestyle on the app and just go.

5. Others

Living in Nigeria isn’t all bad. Seriously, just compare life here with some other places in the world. (Your gratitude may overflow.)

Tough choices deserve an app. (Then you’ll need to decide if the app’s decision is the best choice for you.)

Another X-Men story. (Or X-Woman, if we’re being gender-smart.)

Happy Independence Day in advance. Have a blast!

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