Weekend Agenda: Knowing Yourself, Scholarships, More

Why do you work so hard?

Some people do it for the prospects: a promotion, more money, a house of their own, a car and a driver, more money.

Some others do it for the prestige. In a world where everyone wants to belong to one circle or another, the social relevance that comes with certain kinds of work is seemingly priceless.

But are these reasons enough?

Money comes and money goes, that’s life, so you cannot afford to hinge your fulfillment on something that fickle. Likewise, the things money can get you usually don’t last forever.

Not enough.

The other reason, social relevance, is a relative thing. No matter how much you achieve, there are people who will never care who you are or let you into their circle based on those achievements alone.

Again, not enough.

So, are you working hard for the wrong reasons?

Figure out what success and fulfillment mean to you and you’ll have your answer.

Here’s what’s up this weekend:

1. Know Thyself


First, because knowing yourself is a key to becoming emotionally self-reliant, growing your happiness and improving the quality of your relationships.

Second, because it’s a big step on the journey to self-confidence. (And who doesn’t want to be self-confident?)

2. In The Spotlight

Why you get so tired at work, sorry but travel won’t fix your mind, the man who walked backward, Nike wants you to Dream Crazy and the value of giving space in love.

3. Get Ahead

Fintech startups can now apply to attend Catapult: Inclusion Africa, a five-day training and networking bootcamp, in Luxemborg this November. Travel and accommodation are free. Get details.

Toptal is offering a $10,000 award and a year of mentorship to women interested in changing the world. Apply here and change the world.

The $20,000 D-Prize challenge for humanitarian causes is open to everyone. Interested? Get in.

Australia is far from Nigeria, but you can get a masters scholarship (including an annual stipend of over 7 million naira) to study there. Take it, don’t leave it.

4. Occasionally

Workstation, Victoria Island is hosting a Jamaican food party this Friday. That means a lot of chicken and drinks.

Jazz musician The Man Kwitee is performing at Hard Rock Cafe this Sunday, with guest appearances by vocalists Yinka Davies and Ego.

Tickets to movies showing at Genesis Deluxe Cinemas on all Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in September have been discounted to 700 naira on ALAT. Tap Lifestyle on the app to see what you can watch.

5. Randoms

Breaking down the timeless entertainment of wrestling. (Shh, it doesn’t matter that it’s not real.)

How Michael Jackson made ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’. (Listening to the song is more fun.)

An Android app to track how much time you spend on your other apps. (Like that’ll stop you.)

Try to get some rest this weekend, please. Thanks.

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