Weekend Agenda: Love Concerts, Discounted Movies and Your WCW

We’re a week to the end of October!

Are we the only ones mentally preparing for a Detty December already? Well, we thought way ahead and that’s why we started the #SaveWithTeni challenge just for you!When you create an ALAT Saving Goal in the app and name it ‘TENI’, you get a chance to win a grand prize of backstage and VIP passes to Teni’s graaand concert in December.

Oshey! Saving and winning , now that’s a Detty Deal!


Keep Abreast this Month

As you can tell from the heading, its Breast Cancer Awareness month. We’re all for your safety and proactiveness so you can live long to chop the life of your head and save on ALAT wellll.

Key to these are two things: self-examination and regular mammogram tests. While the first is a free tool, the second should always be scheduled in, as its more professional and more qualitative.

So, here’s an article that helps you know what you should do for self-examination and how to deal with a discovery


Save, Save, Save then Spend

Pay day week is here! And along with it are your bills eyeing you like…

Bills: We want money! We want money!

Baby boy/girl lifestyle: I can’t kill myself, allow me to flex o…

Instagram askers: Bros, abeg just 2k

Well, we just said we should remind you to save and invest before all these characters in the payday drama starts screaming at the same time. Quickly too. Stash it safely in ALAT Goals.


Movie Day Out

What do you do when you need to take bae out, have a good time and still go easy on your wallet?

Buy all movie tickets in the ALAT app duh! And you get to avoid the long cinema queues as a bonus. Simply go to the Lifestyle tab in the ALAT app.


Of Love Concerts

We hear Johnny Drille plans to serenade us this Sunday at Muri Okunola Park, VI. We know the ladies will be up for it. For the guys, well…let’s just say they might find an excuse not to lose take their babes to Johnny Drille. Get your tix here in time for Sunday.

For the readers amongst us, the Ake festival is already underway till 27 October, as at now it’s either you’re already there, or you’re watching on Twitter (LOL). We’re kidding, there’s actually a livestream here.


Your WCW Needs Your Help

The ELOY Awards released their list of women nominees for category a day ago and we’re pretty sure you know one or two people on the list.

Ranging from the spheres of agriculture, fashion, beauty and much more, you can give a Nigerian a well needed pat on the back with your vote this weekend.

This weekend, take a stroll through the categories and vote for your faves!


With all these, your weekend better have some colourful stories to tell on Monday!

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