Weekend Agenda: Meat Festival, Save Like Teni, More

Let’s face it, there’s nothing special about December if you remove the festivities. But can you remove the festivities? God forbid! The implication of this is that there’s a lot that will call for your money. Now there are two ways to deal with this.

  • Wait for December income and bonuses to meet the sometimes overwhelming end of the year expenses.

  • Start putting money aside on ALAT goals now and earn 10% interest to spend when the festivities arrive.

Your choice dear friend. Wait. Before you choose, there are four months after December and they are called (roll drums) JaNuArY!

1. Save Like Teni

Teni the Entertainer isn’t leaving anything to chance. She has started ALAT goal savings so she can have a detty December. Teni is smart. We believe you are too, #savelikeTeni.

2. For You or Someone You Know

If you’re passionate about children and community development and you’re ready to put some work where your passion is, Slum2School is currently accepting volunteer applications.

Varkey Foundation understands the priceless value of teachers and they want to honour an outstanding teacher with USD 1 million as the Teacher of the Year, nominate an outstanding teacher you know or apply if you are one.

3. This Weekend

Don’t let anyone fool you. This is the Sallah of meat festival. It is a great time to bridge the gap with your long lost Muslim friend – show up and tell them they’ve always been in your thoughts and prayers, meat will show. You can also drop by Hard Rock Café this Friday for After Dark and Sunday for Sip & Dip.

4. News Material

Smart people SaveLikeTeni, the Nigerian law is being updated and you should know how events between DSS and Sowore is unfolding.

5. Flee Joy Killers

Don’t allow joy killers in your life this weekend and every day of your life going forward, know stuff about red meat for yourself. Have a foodful weekend.

By the way, meat takes up to 48 hours to digest.


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