Weekend Agenda: Nigeria at 59, Scholarships, More

59th Independence Anniversary

How do you really feel about Nigeria? Please hold your thoughts for a second.

Nigeria is far from being perfect and even if we got everything right this minute, it’ll still take a while to fix the deeply damaged systems that we currently have. And although our history reeks of disappointments and corruption, our story is undeniably beautiful. Not perfect but beautiful. We are a breed of unstoppable Titans that even at our weakest moments as a nation, the world couldn’t deny that we are a moving force!

Now the Eagle may still be playing Ludo board game with chickens but know this, one can only cheat nature for so long. Soon enough, the Eagle will rise and live up to the expectations of its kind. So, whatever you do, fellow compatriot, do not lose hope in the possibilities that this nation holds. Because like the Phoenix, even death will only bring forth a new glory.

Happy 59th Anniversary, Nigeria.

Opportunities for You

My Degree guide has compiled an ultimate guide for top 150 scholarship, grants and fellowships for women.  You can also apply for the 2019 Innov8 Agric challenge if you’re an Agric Tech entrepreneur or pass the info along if you know someone who is.

August Weekend in September

Imagine a weekend with colourful gatherings of ladies and gentlemen having fun, taking pictures, learning stuff, networking, eating good food, dancing, laughing and just doing all things cool. This is that weekend. SLAY Festival is on Saturday and Mainland Block Party on Sunday. Enjoy.

Tech Update

To be honest, we weren’t surprised by the announcement. Our own very existence would have been thought impossible a decade ago – a fully digital bank in Nigeria? But we’re here. So now that Zuck said people can begin to use their hands in virtual reality, okay. We move, on to the next thing!

A Generation on Fire

This generation is hot! (All possible interpretations intended.) You know why? We’ll tell you – we are taking action against climate change, we’re demanding justice and political inclusion, we’re challenging the status quo, killing it in fashion, alive at the same time with CNA and now we’re about to behold the glory of Lupita Nyong’o and others in a 10 hour long adaptation of one of the most beautifully told love stories ever, Americanah. Somebody please give us cold zobo, we need to simmer this heat down!

Don’t quench your fire, have fun and keep saving with ALAT.

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