Weekend Agenda: Resolutions, Prizes And Good Times

Happy New Year (for the dozenth time). How’s your 2019 going? And how’s your money looking?

If you care about your account balance as much as we do, you’ll be looking to build better money habits.

It’s not too much to make resolutions specifically about your finances, and we have¬some good suggestions¬†to help you get started. Take them seriously – they could be the difference between a good year and a cycle of being broke.

Here are more things to pay attention to this weekend:

1. Email Resolution

Inbox zero, that so-called achievement of having no unopened or unreplied email, has been hyped as a sign of efficiency.

But what if it isn’t?¬ Will the world end if you reply messages when you can instead of jumping at every email notification?

Turns out¬letting your inbox overflow¬†may be the new way to live your best life.

2. News Material

The people¬†who enabled R. Kelly, the¬best new gadgets¬†in the world,¬Falz¬†takes shots at politicians and the case¬against weed.

3. Get In

If you have coding chops and you really don’t mind earning some money, register for Google’s Hash Code 2019 team coding competition¬here.¬†Prizes¬†start¬†from¬†$1,000.

Entries are now open to photojournalists aged 18 to 33 for the Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest. Winning entries will be exhibited around the world.¬Get details.

4. For A Good Time

If you’re up for it, going out can be fun this weekend.

The Metaphor¬†is hosting a games night from 7:00 pm on Friday, a spoken word event is on at¬Bogobiri House, Ikoyi this Saturday and you can catch a new exhibition opening on Sunday at¬Rele Art Gallery.

Not your kind of stuff? Find events and movies on the ALAT app. Tap ‘Lifestyle’ on the menu and you’re in.

5. The Others

This app wants to help you plan trips alone or with friends. (Who said anything about helping you escape traffic?)

Golden advice for entrepreneurs. (From people who should know.)

Have a good weekend.

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