Weekend Agenda: Saving, Internships, The Jollof Festival And More

Being a grown-up means being old enough to vote and drink alcohol legally, but in the tasking scheme of adulthood, those are pretty inconsequential things.

When you really get right down to it, you’re not a grown-up until you can take responsibility for yourself. And taking responsibility isn’t fun and games, it’s consistent sacrifice and taking your life seriously.

One of the ways you can take your life seriously is by paying attention to your spending. Sure, we’re a bank and most banks don’t seem to care how you spend as long as you do it through them, but we actually give a hoot about what you do with your money. Which is why we’re reminding you, again, to build a personal culture of saving.

Saving takes a bit of effort, no doubt. You’ll need discipline and sometimes, resisting spending will be a sweaty battle, but it’s always for your own good. And you won’t be alone – we’re here to help in all the ways we can. Let’s be proper grown-ups together.

Now, on to your weekend agenda:

1. Turning Pages

“So many books, so little time.”

But it’s not that you can’t make time to read, you just don’t. With all the distractions in the world, deliberate reading doesn’t feel like a priority anymore.

Listen, you can either stay this way, starting books you never finish and turning them into literal paperweights, or you can rekindle your literary romance. You decide.

Plus: Joining a book club can help you get your reading mojo back. Find one near you.

2. Newsworthy

Inside ISIS, the massive child abuse coverup, Nigeria is now into cash delivery, you’re different because of Instagram Stories and this man claims to own the Moon.

3. Springboards

The World Tourism Organisation (UNTWO) is inviting tourism startups from around the world to enter the first UNTWO Tourism Startup Competition. Opportunities include sponsored trips abroad and mentorship. Get details.

GE Nigeria has openings for interns, the paid kind of internships. Apply.

If you work as a researcher in the social sciences or humanities, the British Academy wants to move you to the UK and pay you £750,000. Here’s how it works.

4. Go There

The Afrocentric Rhythms Concert return this Friday at Freedom Park, Broad Street, Lagos Island. Tickets are here.

Female survivors of sexual assault aged 15 to 22 can get support and speak about their experiences without fear at A Safe Space, holding this Saturday in Ikoyi. Get details.

The annual Jollof Festival holds at Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island this Sunday. If you’re not far away, what’s your excuse? Get in.

Tap Lifestyle on the ALAT app to see more events and movies.

5. The Good Stuff

Telegram on your computer doesn’t get any better than Bettergram. (Makes using WhatsApp on your browser look like a joke.)

For something to binge-listen, check out The Pitch, a podcast featuring actual entrepreneurs pitching to actual investors. (Apparently, it’s for actual money too. Who’d have thought?)

Cheers to jollof rice, sexual assault survivors and the weekend!

Featured image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

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