Weekend Agenda: Travel To Silicon Valley, Watch Simi In Concert, More

You need to go on holiday this year.

Seriously, we’re not asking, we’re telling you.


If you’ve been busy all year, it’s only right that you reward yourself with a proper break away from home.

“But¬holidays¬†are expensive.”

They can be, yes, but we found¬some affordable ones¬†you can enjoy.

After all, enjoyment on a budget is still enjoyment.

Here are other things to consider this weekend:

1. Rare Hotels

What’s a rare hotel? One that offers clean rooms, free breakfast¬†and¬†WiFi, a gym, a swimming pool all for 25,000 naira a night or less (without a discount offer).

You won’t believe how hard they are to find, but they exist. These are the best affordable hotels in Abuja and Lagos, according to their guests.

2. News Material

Davido’s latest¬music video¬†could be his best yet,¬the miracle¬†of the Thai cave rescue,¬the best friends¬†who made Google big and Bill Gates’¬jar of poop.

3. Paths

If you’re the founder or a co-founder of a startup that has a product on the market, you should be at the next Blackbox Connect program in San Francisco. The fully-funded two-week immersion will introduce you to Silicon Valley,¬†connect you with other startup founders from around the world and teach you how to scale your startup. Apply¬here¬†quickly.

Oando is looking for an intern, maybe more than one. Could be worth¬looking into.

Applications are now open for the Global Health Corps fellowship program in the US and elsewhere. It’s a fully paid opportunity to make the world better. No kidding. Details are¬here.

4. Go Here

This Sunday, vocal tour de force Simi will perform live at the Balmoral Convention Center, Victoria Island.

She needs no introduction, you need no encouragement.

Tickets to the concert start at 5,000¬†naira¬†on the ALAT app. Tap ‘Lifestyle’ on the menu, then tap ‘Events’ to get yours.

5. Desserts

This 4K video¬†could be as close as you’ll ever get to Greenland.

Parenting is hard. There’s¬a new iOS app¬†for it.

Rule: Everything that genuinely wants to help you become a better version of yourself should be considered.¬This¬†is one.

Enjoy your weekend.

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