Weekend Agenda: Your Bragging Rights, More

What a way to begin a month!

What’s happening in SA is no longer news. It’s so sad and such a shame that after what we’ve been through as a race, we are still here with misplaced anger, fighting our allies instead of coming together against our common enemies – poverty, corruption and bad governance.

We’re not sure what you think about Nigeria’s response to this so far, but we’ll tell you this for free – Africa is one and we are way better off as one. Also, Nigerian lives home and abroad are valuable and should be protected. However, two wrongs won’t make a right, it’ll only leave us at a double loss.

We implore you to please be mindful of the contributions you make actively or passively, online or offline. And if you have South African alliances, please deal cautiously with them – spread love, not hate. Be the light at this dark time and keep the African spirit of oneness alive.

And please, stay safe.

For you at no cost

If investigative journalism is your thing, Open Society Investigative Journalism Fellowship is calling for applicants. If not, how about a fully-funded scholarship in the US to equip you for public service? Oprah Winfrey has funded  African Women Public Service Fellowship to make that possible for some degree-seeking women. Oops, that’s strictly for women.

Going down

Not every weekend party, sometimes exhibitions and workshops. The Lagos Leather Fair is this Saturday and Sunday at Harbour Point, VI, Lagos. There’s also the Social Good Summit running from Thursday to Saturday in Lekki. And if you have anything to do with being back in school, there’s the Back to School Festival at the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos.

Twitter speaks

If anyone advised you to tread carefully on the street of Twitter, the next time you see them, give them a hug, they did you priceless favour.  If no one has, we just did. How we gon get our hug though? Anyway, here’s what Twitter is saying about the attacks.

About money

FYI, you can actually spend less if you read this, you can also get movie tickets at a discount on ALAT and if you begin to save like Teni, soon enough, it won’t matter that Dangote is not your father because 10% interest can make a lot of difference.

Your bragging rights

Who is the president of The Obama Foundation? A Nigerian. What does Serena Williams wear? A Nigerian Design – oh well, not exactly but you get the gist. The most successful group in the US? Nigerian-Americans. Basically, if being Nigerian tells you anything, it is that you are unstoppable!

Enjoy your weekend and please, don’t go broke.

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