What To Do This August: Become Better, More

Happy August.

This period of the year is usually when the pressure intensifies. We want to close more deals, sign more contracts, get more clients, grow the numbers, make more money, see more places, lose some weight, and so on. But here is August and we can no longer deny that the year is coming to an end. And that’s the pressure – the year’s ending.

So, work harder, send out more proposals, bid for more jobs, read more on the subject, maybe go out more, try new diets, just try a bit more. But whatever you do, do not forget that living each day this year with your sanity intact is hard work. And if that’s all you can boast of yet, you have not failed and we are proud of you!

  1. What are the characteristics of a digital bank? (In Ebuka’s voice)

We:  ALAT. ALAT. ALAT. Don’t stress us.

On a serious note though, you don’t have to watch the Big Brother Naija show for only the fun, you can make some money too when you play the Bet9ja BBN 2019 games on outlet.alat.ng.

  1. Fire the shot

Imagine going abroad to study without spending your own money. African Initiative for Governance wants to make that happen for 5 outstanding people.

Also, GreenHouse Lab is calling female-led and female-focused tech startups to join their 2019 fellowship cohort.

  1. This weekend

If you want to turn up this Friday, and we think you should, Element House with DJ Suraj.Kenya is for you.

Bikers have attitude. We said what we said. Anyway, Bikers with Attitude and Determination will host Jollof and Palmie this Sunday and we just so happen to be friends with food so, bikers’ attitude is forgiven.

  1. You Should Know

Omojuwa launched Digital Wealth Book, ALAT 3.30 is live on Android and the ministerial nominees have been confirmed.

  1. For your mind

Let’s say you’re already a good person, at least because you read this mail, lol. It happens that you can become even better. So, here’s to becoming better and having a rounded weekend.

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