Yaay! We’re Turning 3. Get ALATrified 



You know that feeling you get when you get to plant a seed, nurture, protect and water it, just to make sure it yields at last. Yeah, that feeling that makes you feel like you could achieve a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. No doubt that feeling is priceless and exciting, yeah? If you can relate with the feeling, you deserve a Ferrari and if you can’t, sighs*** just dey you dey.



Here’s the gist, (drum rolls) ALAT celebrates her 3rd anniversary on May 2nd! Yeahhhhhhhh it’s a big deal and we can’t keep calm. Right now, keeping calm doesn’t even exist in our dictionary.



You’d agree your ALAT experience has been a VIBE all the way. Since 2017 till today, it’s been exciting to be your plug to unlimited recharge, easy online payments, movie tickets with friends, cable & utility bill subscription, data plan access and so much moreeeee.



One thing is sure, ALAT ain’t complete without our trybe. So, we are celebrating this year’s buffday with the trybe on a whole new level with a virtual concert DJ slam off battle and lots of giveaways. Bringing together top-notch DJs in the industry; DJ Neptune, DJ Lambo, DJ Rudy, DJ Joey, DJ Freeze on the 2nd of May by 6pm on Instagram live @alat_ng.


Here’s a piece of advice, don’t dull, follow us on all our social media platforms and get the latest info.


Join the trybe and Get ALATRIFIED!

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