Year Two: Believing In A Dream

We’ve come a long way. No, really, we have.

From our early days as a small team working out of a building being renovated right around us (complete with hammering and drilling) to the frenzied night of May 1, 2017, the eve of our launch, all we had to go by was a dream.

We weren’t sure you would like ALAT and we weren’t sure we could do enough to change banking in Nigeria but we each had a little faith in our dream, and a little faith can go a long way when several people believe.

Two years later, we look back respectfully at where we started and we’re grateful: for everyone who helped build ALAT, no matter where they are now, and for you who gave us a reason to keep trying. We kept the faith together and that kept us going. You are a part of our team even though you don’t sit with us. Thank you.

ALAT has evolved over the past year, opening up to more people and doing things differently. Some of these things are just budding, and we’ll see where they lead, but you can be sure that we always want your life to be better. Isn’t that the point of all this, to make things easier for you?

And we’re nowhere near done. There’s much more to come. So here’s to another year of breaking rules, smashing stereotypes and doing more with your money. Happy Anniversary.

Image via Pexels.

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