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Shine your eyes, 9 Ways to Stay Alert

Due to the news in recent times, we all have to shine our eyes and be alert. We care and we want you to be here with us for a very long time.

Here are some security tips that can help you and your loved one stay safe and alert during these times.

Tell someone Where You’re Going.

Always inform/update someone about where you are going, let someone always be aware of your movements and routine. Going for a date, meeting, hangout, errand, work, interview, to school? Tell someone!

Don’t be an Island

Say hi to your neighbours, security, colleagues and area people! This helps you get word on the street, know what’s going on around your area and Nigeria (you’ll never know what information will save you).

Airtime is Life

Always have airtime on your phone, no amount is too small. If you ever run into trouble, flash airtime can save your life.

Power up your Devices

A reasonably charged phone battery is like a protective weapon; you can call for help, send messages, use social media, send your location, access and block your bank account(s), take pictures and so much more. Leaving your house with a low phone battery is like Captain America going out without his shield.

Verify everything

Doublecheck!!! every invitation and information you receive. Visiting a strange area? Ask around and double-check, Got an interview for a job? Verify the company and the address, Going on a date? Verify the address and the person. Trust nothing, verify everything.

Public places are a safe heaven

Meeting a vendor, buyer, a stranger, having a meeting? always meet in public places, it is safer and there is a “low risk” of insecurity.

Avoid secluded places

Public outings in secluded places are equally risky, meet up in open/busy places, places with people who you can seek help from if Gbese burst.

Check your surroundings

Observe your surroundings at all times, be alert, be observant, trust your instincts and watch the people around you, always check if you’re been followed or watched, a large number of attackers study their victims first. Get help if you feel uneasy, if you are threatened or if you are in trouble.


If you sense you are in danger or you are in harm’s way, protect yourself at all cost. Use pepper spray, your shoes, your hands, your bag, use anything you can get away from your attacker at all cost.

The list is inexhaustible; every day we have stay alert to stay safe and stay alive. Before any security matter escalates from 0-100 shine your eyes and be long gone from it.

Tell us other ways the community can keep safe, share your stories in the comment section and let’s learn from it.

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