Funding opportunities for your business

It’s said that in Nigeria, 4 out of 5 startups fail in their first 5 years due to lack of funding. What’s a business owner to do in such a time? This episode of the ALAT podcast shares valuable opportunities – including Wema Bank’s Hackaholics – that business owners can take advantage of, to scale up in their formative years. Listen and enjoy!

Samsung launches SmartThings Find

Samsung has launched SmartThings Find to help you track down lost devices. It works with Galaxy phones, tablets, Buds, Watches and more. Read more here

Do much more on ALAT

Enjoy a more personalized experience, switch to dark mode to make your screen eye-friendly. you can take a loan to buy new devices and pay later, save alone or with friends, pay in dollars with a virtual dollar card, choose how you spend your money and where your card works and pocket-friendly offers from brands we know you’ll love. Download on Google Play Store or App Store now.

It’s Salary Weekend: Don’t Spend It All

What you do with your money is one of life’s biggest dilemmas. Whether you choose to spend it all, save, or invest, you’ll discover varying levels of risk and potential reward – and how much weight you give to each will depend entirely on your goals. So let ALAT help you to make the right decision for you. ALAT has a range of saving options you can choose from depending on what works for you: Flexi, Fixed, or Stash. And if you don’t want to do it alone, you can opt for the Group Savings Option which allows you to save with up to 12 friends.

When you save a bit, big things happen

Today, October 31st is World Savings Day! People around the world are celebrating the day, sharing stories of the big things they’ve accomplished by saving a bit.

Imagine how great you’d be at something if you’d done it every day since 2017. Imagine the kind of apartment you’d be moving into if you’d saved every month since 2017. Imagine the kind of trip, the vacation you’d have if you’d saved every month since 2017.

Yes, big things happen when you save even a bit.

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