Wherever you are in the world, your ALAT debit card gives you the freedom to pay. And because life is better when you have options, you get to pick from three card designs and we’ll deliver yours to you anywhere in Nigeria at no cost. The real fun begins when your card arrives: you can activate, lock and unlock it from your phone.

Request your card

Log into the ALAT app and click Cards.

  • Swipe to pick your favourite card design and type your ALAT PIN to confirm your request.
  • Tell us where you would like your card delivered to and click Submit.

You card will get to you in 72 hours.

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Activate your card from your device

  • Log in to the ALAT app and click Activate New Card.
  • Provide the required information and your card will be activated for use.
  • Check your account balance at any ATM.




Control your Card

Once the ink in a printer runs dry, it has to be replaced. Once the ink in a printer runs dry, it has to be replaced. Once the ink in a printer runs dry, it has to be replaced.

Your card is yours to control, and you can easily make it unusable by locking it from your phone.

To control your card, log into the ALAT app, click Cards then click Card Control.

By default, your card is unlocked but web transactions are disabled. You can disable card use for any payment channel – ATM, POS and web.

You can also decide what countries you can use your card in when you travel.

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